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A contradictory coroner's report

Posted on January 26, 2014 at 4:55 PM

   I recently had a chance to visit many of the sites in Ada that are important to the Haraway disappearance. I visited the site where she was found near Gerty, I visited the residence where Tommy lived at the time of her disappearance as well as the location of the power plant where it was originally believed she was killed and I once again visited the Brook trailer park where I found that one of the key suspects lived within a few dozen yards of the Trailer 95 where Haraway was spotted prior to disappearance. My tour guides, Sandy and her lovely mother, had attended the original trials and visited Karl and Tommy on death row. They shared 30 years worth of research with me and all I can say about what I saw was WOW!.

     One of the most interesting documents that Sandy and her mother shared with me was a three page copy of the coroner's report. I had previously requested a copy of the report, twice, and was only sent the front page both times. According the the front page of the coroner's report, Haraway's cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head. The diagram of the wound was on another page. According to this page, Haraway appears to have been shot execution style with the bullet entering the lower back of the skull and exiting the upper front. This could happen a variety of ways. Picture in your head someone on their knees praying with their head down and someone put a bullet to the back of their head and pulls the trigger. This would be one possibility. However after visiting the area where she was found, and assuming she died there, it is possible that she was walking up a hill and someone walking behind her pulled a gun and shot her. This would also cause the projectile to sore into the air making it impossible to find. However, this was not the contradiction I noticed. On one page of the report, after listing the cause of death as a gunshot wound to the head, the notes state that she was kidnapped by two men who were already in prison for her death. It goes on to say that she was raped and stabbed to death by the old power plant.

     The prosecutors in this case was so determined that they had the right killers that they did not want to hear anything other possiblities. This is evident by the coroner's report actually listed two different causes of death on the same report.

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